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Pretty One Shoulder Prom Dresses

Written on February 6, 2017   By   in Prom

One shoulder neckline is still a popular fashion element in the dress design in 2017. One shoulder neckline dress showcases the femininity of the collarbone and gives a classic dress an updated look. So asymmetrical neckline is still a main fashion element.

Romantic Navy Blue One Shoulder Prom Dress 2016

One shoulder neckline prom dress you can wear to any occasion. You can not image how beautiful you are in this kind of dress.

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Romantic Autumn theme wedding

Written on September 22, 2016   By   in Ideas We Love

Early autumn, leaves begin to yellow, the temperature also slowly down, and the symbol of the harvest darker colors, with simple sense of earth belongs to the autumn color. When I was a child when it comes to autumn, you will think of the fruits of harvest.And when I grow up, the harvest is not only more love fruit.When love grows mature will reap a better marriage.

33-15102g05131-50Maple leaf is the most obvious sign of the autumn, other delectable maple blowing in the wind, watch slowly falling maple leaf there will be a slow and quiet feeling in my heart.The wedding is not so?Use orange as the wedding is tonal, the couple corridor covered with maple leaves, very warm, isn’t it?

33-15102g05131-51Chrysanthemum, osmanthus, reed is more common plants, autumn will decorate the wedding small adorn article to autumn plants used another kind of beauty!Point on the little sweet Lord, looking at faint light, even in the cool autumn, also can give a person a kind of warm feeling!

20151016145089148914_zychIf you are not an outdoor wedding, and a deeply to the whole autumn into your wedding.It might as well spend on table table with a large strain of maple leaf;Or pumpkin, apple and flowers collocation also is very interesting combination;Mensal adornment the addition of appropriate metal color, when the maple leaves are dyed golden hanging down really becomes golden autumn.

Now during the fall, if you are going to have a wedding, so simple romantic autumn theme wedding very well!

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Crucial Tips to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses

Written on August 11, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

You have put months to discovery your perfect wedding dress, Now it’s the time to find dresses for your bridesmaid. You also want your bridesmaid looked smash on the wedding, but remember to keep their personality and taste in mind. It’s unlikely that all the bridesmaid going to wear same style bridesmaid dress, every bridesmaid have different figure and everyone have some not so good points to hide.

Elegant Black Bridesmaid Dress with White Embroideredk

Firstly always budget. Traditionally speaking, bridesmaid pays the dress by themselves. You should choose the dress which within every girl’s financial ability. Make sure the bridesmaid dresses you choose can be worn again at other occasion.

Bridesmaid dresses are in full length, tea length and short length. You should choose an appropriate length to flatter the bridesmaid height. If one of your bridesmaids has a pair of beautiful legs, you can choose short length for her. While some girls want to show off ankles, choose the tea length bridesmaid dresses. Full length bridesmaid dresses are very suitable for the girls who want to hide legs and enlarge the illusion of height.

If your wedding has color scheme, you should choose the similar color with theme. Don’t forget to consider the bridesmaid’s skin tone, hair color. You can opt colorful bridesmaid gowns if you have spring wedding party. Or you could ask the bridesmaid to wear different solid color gowns. Such as lavender color, lilac color, violet color.etc, they still go along with your wedding theme.


If you want the girls to wear uniform bridesmaid dresses –same color and same style, you should choose a right color which acceptable by every girl. Blush color bridesmaid dresses are popular and stunning, but it’s not flatter deep skin tone. If you don’t know how to make decision, grape color bridesmaid gowns are the safe choice.

At last, make sure you are an open mind bride. No matter what decision you will make at last, you should let the bridesmaid know it. You will find out it’s worth after communication.

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Tips For Choosing Peach Bridesmaid Dresses

Written on June 27, 2016   By   in Wedding Apparel

As a matter of fact, bridesmaid dresses relatively have a limited spectrum of colors to choose from. Because of the elegance and the solemnity of weddings, bridesmaids can’t wear too dark and some unfit colors such as jet black, purple, chocolate, mud brown, white as well as plaid, stripes or animal prints. So when it comes to the dresses, the color should be selected carefully.


Peach shades stand out among all those classics yet trendy hues. Peach is the most favored colors because its shade is timeless and elegant. It gives people a kind of very good feeling. Nobody could resist to smile when seeing peach bridesmaids dresses


Below we’ve outlined a list of the most common style for women today; find the one that most suits you and then go off of our recommendations to start your bridesmaid gown search.


One-shoulder Ruffle Flowing Chiffon

One-shoulder Ruffle Flowing Chiffon

Strapless Sweetheart Flowing Chiffon

Strapless Sweetheart Flowing Chiffon

Elegant Strapless Satin

Elegant Strapless Satin

Strapless Satin Mermaid in Peach

Strapless Satin Mermaid in Peach


Organza Satin Strapless

Organza Satin Strapless


Cheap Lace Maternity Bridal Gown

Written on June 16, 2016   By   in Wedding Apparel

Are you pregnant and getting married?   Do you like wear vintage style?  Lace material is the best material for vintage style dress. They are classical and romantic. Maybe someone said “you are pregnant, lace wedding dress is not appropriate for your body shape.” I just feel confuse why lace wedding dress is not suit for pregnant lady? Today, I will introduce several lace maternity bridal gowns. All of them are hot sale styles and affordable prices.

Romantic Empire Lace Pregnant Wedding GownSpecial Straps Empire Maternity Bridal Gowns for Spring

Beautiful Vintage Lace Empire Plus Size Wedding DressesElegant Straps Lace Maternity Wedding Dresses Los Angeles

Romantic Halter Maternity Bridal Gown for Large Size SOV110015Classic Strapless Lace Edged Maternity Wedding Gowns

Whether you want to show off your burgeoning belly with a curve-hugging gown or hide it with an empire waist silhouette, there are plenty of styles to choose from.



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Pretty Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

Written on May 5, 2016   By   in Wedding Apparel

Plus size honor of bridesmaid could still look nice with beautiful bridesmaid dress.
Before choose bridesmaid dress, you should understand the effect of different material, what silhouette fit your perfect and what color is suitable skin. Different material dress has different effect.

Cheap Long Royal Plus Size Modest Bridesmaid Dresses IMG_2021

For plus size lady it is better to wear chiffon material. Chiffon is soft and weeping. You will look thinner than in other material. For the plus size A-line dresses are suitable, besides this empire is perfect too. Brown Chiffon Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Also, remember don’t choose too complicate design, you will look fatter in that kind of dress. Just choose simple design with V-neckline. V-neckline can stretch people’s attention, you’ll look thinner. Aqua Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Chiffon Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

If you think your arm look too stocky, then you can choose a short sleeves or middle sleeves dress. At last, choose a suitable color for your skin. You will look perfect.

If you want to buy cheap plus size bridesmaid dresses,http://www.1st-dress.com/ is a good choice.






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New Arrivals 2016 Maid of Honor Dresses

Written on April 14, 2016   By   in Wedding Apparel

2016 prom fashion week in New York are underway, many brand fashion show is in in succession. From the current view, deep v-neck, tassels, hollow out, strapless, with fine condole, bright-coloured printing design elements occupy the catwalk shows.

Today, I will introduce maid of honor dress trend in 2016. 2016 bridesmaid dresses trend advocated personal characteristic and originality supplement.Wearing the same dress, have been unable to satisfy the taste of fashion and sisters.How skillfully the different design style collocation are together, create and harmonic but also has the personal characteristics of modelling of the maid of honor, is the goal of modern bride.Emphasis on personalized trend, not only can let the whole picture, more lively, more fashion creative depth and sisters find their unique for each size and color choice.After all, not every girl is suitable for the same cut or color, in fact as long as a little in the neck, back, color depth or do some adjustment on the length, wear in the body of the feeling will be different.Make the following dress tide brings you the most intimate fashion creative!

Modest Burgundy Lace 1/2 Long Sleeves Prom Dress

2016 Charming Long Prom Dress with Keyhole

Elegant Burgundy Lace Prom Dress with Open Back


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How to Properly Maintain Lace Wedding Dresses

Written on March 30, 2016   By   in Wedding Apparel

Lace is the medium of women show their femininity glamour, also is the symbol of the mature feminine, but you should know how to wear lace wedding gown, more to maintain lace wedding dress, so that it can enhance your lasting charming! How to properly maintain lace bridal dress? To learn it at once!

Gorgeous Trumpet Wedding Dress with V-back

1.Lace dress cleaning and maintenance:Put lace dress in to a laundry bag, then put them in to neutral cleaning for clean. Or before cleaning the lace dress, spread towels in the pool first, after washing to scoop up lace skirt with a towel, such doing can prevent accidents lace pulled apart or cause drag mark.

Note: Lace dresses don’t soak too long, not to energetically knead, also do not force twist dry.

2. Avoid hanging for a long time. Because most of the lace fabric is soft and loose, deformation of long suspension is easy to cause drooping lace dress, lost the original shape. If long time not to wear, it is recommended that the folded flat on the wardrobe.

Charming Strapless A-line Lace Wedding Dresses Chicago

3. Stored in a dry place. Don’t store in a damp, stuffiness place, prevent plaque and colour fading;

4. Avoid exposure to chemicals. Avoid desiccant, cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals such as direct contact with lace; If accidentally touched, should be timely cleaning, otherwise easy to become yellow to become black lace skirt texture;

5. Away from sharp hard objects

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2016 Prom Dresses Trends

Written on March 21, 2016   By   in Prom

Today, I will share pretty prom dresses trend in 2016. In the past 3 years, short prom dresses are very important. They think long dress is tedious and uncomfortable. Women are go after freedom and simple, so short prom dresses are very popular in these days. 2016 Prom Dresses

Maybe women are tired of short length dresses, they want more formal. The long dresses are come back again to fashion stage.  The main color in 2016 is still black. Black color is omnipotent. You can wear this color dress to attend any occasion. If it is very formal, you can wear a black sequins sheath dress. It is simple, but romantic. But if it is informal occasion, why you do not try a one shoulder black dress with slit. This kind of dress is so sexy. You can not believe how pretty you are in this dress. If you are a modest woman, why you do not try this navy blue satin dress in the picture. This dress is modester than other dress. Particular one shoulder design, simple pleats on the body and small train. It is very formal. The last coral dress is suit for plus size or maternity women. Empire waist design transfer the others attention from belly to bust. Also, empire design hide the fullest party for a full figure or pregnant woman. You will look slim in this kind dress. More dress you can visit our website.

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Cute Short Cocktail Dresses

Written on February 26, 2016   By   in Party

Cocktail dresses are normally wear at cocktail party, semi-formal or “black tie” occasion. Then length of cocktail dresses could be divided into tea length, ballerina length and short length.

At recent years, the short length cocktail dresses are very popular. Because they are smart and convenience.


If you received a invitation to a wedding, what to wear? Women always ask me this question. It is simple, if you think full length dress is too formal, why you do not try a short cocktail dress. Of cause, not all the short cocktail dresses are suite for this formal occasion, for example dress 1 and dress 3 in the picture. Dress 1 is too shine, dress 3 is a little sexy. They suite for cocktail party and semi-formal occasion. But dress 2 is perfect for wedding occasion. Sweetheart neckline, ruched body with flowers appliques decorate the body.  By the way, remember do not wear to many accessories!

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